OMLogic is one of the premium digital communications agency based in India. We are a team driven by our passion for digital media and what impact it can provide to a message. The message could be for a societal change, a brand, a consumer, an NGO, a government or any other entity [You name it, we have done it].

We work with brands like HBO, Vivo, Oriflame, Jagran, Wave Group for managing their digital presence. We also do a variety of activities with NGO's and CSR's for social media marketing and perception management initiatives (Delhi BRT, Maldives Coup, Women’s safety and empowerment, etc.)

We are partners with NASSCOM to help them with their social media and are also empanelled by the National e-governance Department, Government of India as well as Ministry of Power, to promote the Digital India Program.

Bringing Logic to Online Marketing – We started with this motto 9 years back and were very sure we will grow out of it at some point. It will no longer be sufficient to bring logic into online marketing. The world would move ahead.

9 years later, the only thing we want to change in this motto is to say “Bringing Logic to the Digital World”. From helping educate brands about the importance of messaging and communication versus keywords and search engine rankings; to educating brands that its not about having a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or about having Millions of fans. Digital may have come a long way but the basics still seem to be eluding an offline heavy brand marketing.

We believe that brand marketing has fundamentally changed in the last few years. Some key factors impacting the change are:

  • 2-way interaction: Power for the brands to be able to listen to people and respond.
  • Extremely short attention span: You got something for me, then say it already. Else, move on. I got better things to do.
  • Story telling: From a catch attention and then a product window to telling a story over multiple touch points and multiple interlinked messages, marketing is no longer about the product.
  • Need based to value based: Consumers no longer buy products based on need, they buy products based on value. Hence the focus is no longer on the product itself, rather its on the entire periphery surrounding the product we lovingly call as ‘brand experience’.
  • Feeling connected: Consumer has plethora of available choices and has an innate desire to know more about the product they use and build a connection with the brand. For e.g. more Indians feel connected to Steve Jobs knowing he traveled India for exploring himself.
  • Larger than life: People like brands that are larger than life and provides more. They feel good if the brand they are working with is socially more responsible or has other facets they could associate with.

At OMLogic, we believe the potential of digital media is to leverage these changing behaviors as advantages for your brand.

The capability to help define the brand message, or define the brand message manifestation by the medium or platform is what really sets OMLogic apart.

Of course, we have the technology to convert this message or message manifestation into websites, microsites, mobile apps or other objects. These could be unique custom platforms for a unique brand or products that can be leveraged by everyone. Click here to read more about OMLogic products.

Of course, we have the creative and content expertise to ensure this message is being reflected in the most suitable manner causing the best impact.

Of course, we understand all digital platforms to target the most relevant audience and get the best visibility.

And a combination of this all is what sets OMLogic apart.

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We're located very close to the Central Delhi — Rajendra Place.
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Almost all of the people we recruit are digital savvy. Be it the copy writers, programmers or designers, most of them have active Twitter handles and all of them are active on Facebook.
Search Marketing
Google could be changing everyday thus affecting the exercises of Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization but we keep a pulse of day to day changes and ensure all the Google updates have a

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Kapil Gupta

Founder & CEO of OMLogic Consulting

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President & Co-Founder of SEOmoz

Pranav Gupta

Managing Director at Prints Publications Pvt Ltd

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