Social media is the ability to be a change agent by powering the conversations of India on the web.We are in the business of empowering people. Providing capability for creating conversations.

With that context, we have an obligation beyond everything else to help drive the change. Whether its for profit activity we do for a government department NGO (e.g. Delhi Loves Buses) or a non-profit community initiative we do because we care (e.g. Delhi for Women's Safety), or various impact campaigns we do on behalf of our customers; we are about causing social change and empowerment.

We also conduct workshops and training programs with NGO’s, educational institutes and other organizations about empowering people on the use of social media for social change and/or career development.

Our Impact

Delhi for Women's Safety

This started as a community for women empowerment and safety in the aftermath of 2012 Delhi Gangrape Case to bring about a change in perception and policies. know more

Delhi Loves Buses

A citizen initiative aimed at influencing perception and bringing together the Delhi-waalas to collaborate on better transportation solution for the Capital. know more

Social Media Workshops

A practitioner’s perspective. Our social media workshops are designed for NGOs, universities, startups and businesses to empower them to leverage social media to ease their pain areas. know more

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