Once the messaging is defined, the propagation begins.

Community Development
This is about creating an earned and owned community of like minded target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Unique messaging is created for each of the platforms based on objectives and audience. The idea is to constantly give the audience a reason to interact, engage and participate with the brand.
Participation in Social Media
Though Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to be the major platforms and brands spend nearly 90% of their social media time worrying about these platforms, it is the real skunk work of group participation in platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn; engagement in forums like Quora; participation in relevant groups, forums and blogs that keeps the share of voice high for the brand. At OMLogic, we understand that and have a well processized mechanism for this participation. It could be participation as seeding questions or responses as layman, subject matter expert, brand representative or the brand itself.
Before we create a blog, we identify the purpose of the blog and messaging accordingly. Though blogging is a good asset to develop, in the era of social networking platforms where people are not willing to leave the comfort and security of Facebook and Twitter, the strategy and the need for the blog needs to be carefully examined before pursuing ahead.
Bloggers Network / Tweeple Network / Influencer Marketing
Our methodology for this activity is primarily focused on interacting with the influencers on an ongoing basis, providing them unique content and information and creating an ecosystem of win-win with them.
Innovative Campaigns
This is at the core of everything in social media. It includes creative ideation and seamless execution across platforms for a brand on a theme defined in synchronization with their offline communication channels. We do this across the digital space including platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat.
Search Engine Optimization
At OMLogic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not about keyword rankings. It is about creating an infrastructure where people get appropriate information about the brand. For branded keywords, it is about covering all key SERPs for the brand and ensuring reputation control. For non-branded keywords, it is about making sure that the right pages are shown when people search and the messaging on those pages is what the user will want. We also work on entities based SEO, which gets better results.
Paid Media Campaigns
This is the quickest mechanism to reach out to the right audience and be able to sell. The beauty is you get to decide (and in some ways force feed) your message to a captivated audience. Through effective usage of landing pages you can customize where they go and what they can do. We divide this activity as follows:

  • Social Media Buying: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Google Adwords
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Media Buying

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