Being a digital media agency that we are, more often than not we’ve seen brands talking to us about ‘going viral’ or ‘this should go viral’ but they’ve got no fancy budgets to support the sky high expectations. With social media marketing becoming complex for brands, it’s rather difficult to catch user’s diminishing attention every single day. Even a smart mix of Paid, Earned and Owned media doesn’t guarantee success.

In the recent past, we’ve seen dramatic downfall in the organic reach of brand posts on social media, primarily Facebook. What do we do to ensure visibility or social chatter?

Brands invest millions on advertising, SEO, influencer marketing, celebrity endorsements and anything & everything possible to build & maintain a positive brand image. But what can they do to keep the social chatter high and majorly positive all the time?

Well, we have an answer. Moving over ‘sponsored posts’ and ‘promoted trends’ which by the way are financially draining, we introduce Efluencr. An advocacy marketing tool that helps brands leverage the social voice of their existing employees, friends & family of the brand.

Efluencr adds another dimension to digital marketing trio – Shared Media that helps brands enhance and add to their online reputation which is powered by their in-house evangelists.


Engage your employees, Expand your business

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