Being a digital agency at the core of our operations, time and again we’ve been asked about ‘ROI’. Brands are becoming increasingly anal about ‘The ROIs’ on their marketing investments. While digital media provides enough of those fancy analytics to calculate social media ROI, what about ROI from TV advertisements?

We’ve questioned brands about the metrics they use to measure ROI on their TV advertisement. Oftentimes, we get answers like ‘YouTube Comments, Views, Facebook Likes, Shares and Tweets’. But hold on! Metrics like these give insights that tell us whether viewers ‘Liked’ or ‘Disliked’ the ad but what induced such a reaction remains under wraps.

While we’re innovating and progressing in our marketing strategies why are we still too hung on traditional means of measuring ROI on TV Advertisement? TV advertising involves huge expenditure, thus there is an alarming need for marketers to understand what works & what doesn’t work in the TVC. To know what exactly stimulated the viewer to ‘Like’ the video, we came up with MadOnAds.

The internet generation is talking emojis and making the world go round with ‘touches’ on their smart devices, MadOnAds empowers the brands to leverage the trend. MadOnAds provides the capability for viewers to share emoticons on each frame with a touch and help advertisers identify their likes & dislikes. MadOnAds provides ROI on TV Advertisements one frame at a time.


Engage, Emote & Express Out Loud Frame by Frame

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