A decade of creating success! Yes, that is something we are immensely proud of. But, that’s not what we are proud of most.

Most employees who leave OMLogic end up saying this within weeks of them leaving "OMLogic was home, this new place is office"

That is what gives us the best kick. At the core of OMLogic is the people that work for it. Thankfully, it is not a company owned by a bunch of investors or self-involved serial entrepreneurs, it’s a company owned by each and every one that works at OMLogic.

We personally have never believed in the concept of 10x engineers or 10x anything for that matter. This one thought has helped us emerge as the leading digital communications agency today. This thought has also transformed as one of the principles that we as an organization now live by, which is why absence of highly experienced investment bankers or IIT/IIM topers have never affected us. We as a team have more grit, determination and hunger for success than all of them put together. It is this grit and determination that has brought us here.

As a start-up, we have ensured that our company culture is over and beyond flexible timings and awesome parties, that it is deeply rooted in morals and ethics that we choose when things are hard. This is what we are most proud of. We have never played with our ethics and values. We have always been true to it, and it has paid us extremely well. This is one of the reasons why some of the large brands have chosen us as their digital partners for over 4/5 years now. Digital as an industry is known for its promiscuity, our ethics and values have helped us create and maintain trusted relationships with brands, employees and people in general.

We are listing here some of the key characteristics that we believe are part of our culture. However well we try to put them in words, you gotta see it to believe it.

100% flat organization

Lots of people say it, we proudly practice it. Flat organization for us is not about not having a functional or reporting hierarchy. Flat organization is about the following 2 aspects:

  • 1

    There is a fully defined reporting hierarchy. The reporting hierarchy is purely functional in nature. Our HR is looked upon as a support structure in helping implement this functionality and never an impediment or police on what everyone does.

  • 2

    Everyone has an equal ability to voice their opinion. Escalations in OMLogic are called as third party opinions: You don’t escalate a person, you escalate a specific situation where you have a difference of opinion. Through a well-defined structure, a decision is made. And its never (and is never made) personal.

Trust & transparency
Though Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to be the major platforms and brands spend nearly 90% of their social media time worrying about these platforms, it is the real skunk work of group participation in platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn; engagement in forums like Quora; participation in relevant groups, forums and blogs that keeps the share of voice high for the brand. At OMLogic, we understand that and have a well processized mechanism for this participation. It could be participation as seeding questions or responses as layman, subject matter expert, brand representative or the brand itself.

For us, happiness is not what comes from working hard and partying hard. Yes, we do that too (a lot). But true happiness for us comes from creating a system where work itself is fun. The 2 factors listed above, the passion that flows in the system and the pride we take in our success ensures this comes easy for us.

Collaborative ecosystem
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    Internally, it is about our ability to be able to pool resources and look at the best way to solve a problem without having to worry about trust issues or hierarchies.

  • 2

    Externally, it is about us always exploring win-win collaborations. Whether it is a photo printing & framing company with TEDx or an ecommerce books company with HBO.

  • 3

    For our customers, it is about creating opportunities for them to get the best value. And as long as synergies exist, such collaborations result in mutual success.

Our confidence and self belief

Almost bordering on the fine line of arrogance, we as an organization have the belief that we can and will change the world around us. We are sure you felt it while reading this section or this site overall or whenever you would have met anyone of our team.

Drop us a line and we shall get back to you pronto!

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