OMLogic has been in the business of helping brands leverage digital media by creating unique engagement avenues for the brands. While most of it is focused around leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc and creating individual custom engagement games & applications, we have seen major missing links between what the brands could do to get best ROI from digital media.

Hence, OMLogic Products.

Simply put, OMLogic products started out as our inquisitiveness and innovation while working as a services company to provide best digital ROI to brands. We identified gaps that could create better impact, developed and refined them and voila! OMLogic Products is born.

OMLogic products is our ability to think out of the box and innovate on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive digital expertise (business application oriented technologists) is what sets us apart. We don’t just create what we are asked to or just think what is needed, we do both.

ROI from Digital all Social Platforms

Here are some examples of how we think:

Mad On Ads

Being a digital agency at the core of our operations, time and again we’ve been asked about ‘ROI’. Brands are becoming increasingly anal about ‘The ROIs’ on their marketing investments.

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Being a digital media agency that we are, more often than not we’ve seen brands talking to us about ‘going viral’ or ‘this should go viral’ but they’ve got no fancy budgets to support the sky high expectations.

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