Large brand looking for Brand Promotion

Large brands usually have their brand fairly well defined and the messaging is used appropriately in their print, TV and outdoor campaigns. We work with the brands in converting that messaging into digital message and defining manifestations of it.

And be very careful while doing it. Not everything sounding great on print is a good digital idea. For e.g., a travel brand may love to do “My break-free funda is Goa” and its an amazing print campaign, the beautiful beaches, the scenic nature, cool adventure activities, its got everything to break-free. Take the same idea to digital and the response from people will range from sex to drugs to orgy.

While doing brand promotion for large brand, we are very careful about the 2 way nature of digital and always keep on predicting what the user may come back with and we create our campaigns appropriately.

Its about combining paid media with social conversations and creating a bigger 360 degree impact. Knowing when to do programmatic buying on Taboola versus when to hijack a top news-site for the day is critical to success.

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