If you are a startup and are looking at digital marketing to launch yourself and grow organically and inorganically, we have good and bad news for you.

  • Bad news is that digital is not free as some people make it out to.
  • Good news is that it is much more effective and delivers better ROI than any other marketing mix.

We as entrepreneurs are sometimes guilty of living in a fallacy that create great product and it will sell by itself. That’s not how the world runs. We have experienced numerous great products over the years that have suffered since they were not promoted well.

Great product is a necessary yet not sufficient condition for success. Also, product development can be integrated in phases and integrate customers and potential customers as co-collaborators. Incorporating feedback from the customers not only makes the product better, it also ensures customer engagement with the product.

At OMLogic, we love working with startups. The energy, the innovativeness, the passion that startups bring is incomparable. That is why we work as partners with our startup customers.

Startups need to begin their online presence with a website and some specific social media communities based on their message and the target audience.

Quick essential steps for startups to leverage digital media:

  • Create great content: Nothing substitutes great content. Brands have to provide par excellence content to their advocates to ensure seamless implementation of the program.
  • Engage with internal audience: Brand cannot force their employees to participate. It is advisable to listen, understand and analyse every nook & corner to ensure that employees readily engage with the brand on social media.
  • Train employees to growth hack: Train your employees well about the need, use and way of hacking growth with content sharing.
  • Run targeted digital campaigns: Spend ad-budget but do it very judiciously.

One major concern that startups suffer with is consistency. They want quick results, and keep changing course. Though we love innovating and experimenting, we like to give enough time for initiatives to provide results.

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