Reputation Management

Most brands consider reputation management as the removal of negative comment. At OMLogic, we offer a more holistic approach to reputation management. It is the overall message that a customer gets to experience about your brand online. Reputation management has the following aspects to it:

  • Google control of your branded keywords: What shows up when people look for your brand on Google. It is not just about your website showing up, do you have full control of atleast the first 2 pages of Google (Top 20 rankings).
  • Auto-suggest Keywords on Google: What are the recommendations when people search for your brand. Does it say “Your Brand” Reviews or “Your Brand” sucks.
  • What are some of the key review sites, forums etc saying about your brand?
  • What is the key messaging visible about you on your social media communities, on your website and are they in synchronization with each other.
  • How are the various queries being handled. It is not about handling negative queries only. A more holistic approach of seeding appropriate questions and conversations and responding to the feedback and queries that come goes a long way in creating the right reputation for your brand.

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