SMB looking for Lead Generation/ Sales

Digital for SMBs is not directly the place for lead generation and sales. By no means are we intending to say it can’t be done. It needs to be planned differently.

If you are looking at leveraging digital media for generating new leads and sales, please ensure you are choosing the right channels and communicating the right message. At OMLogic, we help you distinguish clearly in what you will do for creating better visibility and engagement with your customers and what you will do for generating leads.

Remember, people buy brands they associate with, so even though lead generation is your focus, it will need to be coupled with brand promotion. People need to know your brand before filling up that contact form or choosing to buy you. In this scenario, there will always be need for spending on paid media for increasing the reach and visibility.

We work with our customers in ensuring we develop collaborative ecosystems for lead generation and sales by looking at potential digital associations for you with complementary brands and organizations. Blogger networks (focused on product reviews) should become a critical part of the lead generation activity.

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