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We have been in the business of helping brands leverage digital media by creating unique engagement avenues. While most of it is focused around leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc and creating individual custom engagement games and applications, we have seen major missing links between what the brands could do to get best ROI from digital media.

Hence, OMLogic utility tools!

Here are some examples of how we think.


A world class virtual event hosting platform that enables to organize any exhibition into a virtual environment.

There are numerous such platforms that exist, however, none that integrates true user experience, physicality of events and the promotion needs around it. Your next successful will be pragatiE.

Why PragatiE:

  • Includes everything that a physical event has in a virtual environment
  • A fully automated SaaS solution that brings the entire exhibition eco system to your desktop.
  • Especially designed for users to set up their events with help documents and video tutorials.


Mad On Ads

For all the video content you create, we help you get feedback, measure ROI and interact/engage using a patented technology platform. We capture what the TG feels on the video content frame-by-frame. This technology can be integrated on your website as a widget as well.

  • India's first ad review platform
  • For branding and engagement
  • Excellent tool for crowdsourcing
  • Leverages freedom to emote & express



While we try and create your digital audience as evangelists for you, this proprietary utility tool helps you connect and empower your employees, distributors, franchisees (friends and family) as the digital brand ambassadors, thus, helping in:

  • Increasing social share of voice
  • Tackling ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Making the products/other content viral


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