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We work with the best of brands, we do the best of innovation, we deliver the best of results, we have the best of team working with us and we care for your success. What more can you possibly ask for?

Whether you are a brand, an organization, a government department, a celebrity or any other entity that thinks digital and social media is extremely important to your business or you think its importance just don’t know what can be done; come and talk to our experts and we will help you leverage it in the best possible manner.

Why Choose Us

Some key differentiators we provide to our brand are as listed below. Please read our culture to see why we are an agency with a difference:

80 people | 10 years
We are big enough to do it all, small enough to do it well. We have been around for almost a decade and have pretty much done all and sundry during this time. You name it, we have done it. And done it multiple times. We have awards & accolades from our successes, and we have scars & bruises from our learnings. Our team is what sets us apart in our ability to deliver success. And we have perhaps the best retention in the industry (with 10 people completing 5 years with the company).
Past experiences
A cookie cutter solution is not what works in social media. Which is why, our experience of having worked with multiple large brands, SMBs, NGOs, government departments, election campaigns, events provides us a unique advantage.
Mar-Tech-Comm amalgamation
This is one issue that digital suffers with the most. On one side there are large mainline agencies trying to get into digital who are great at creative and brand marketing but have little appreciation or understanding of technology and digital platforms. On the other side there are boutique social and digital marketing companies who have great digital platform and technology expertise but pretty much don’t understand what brand marketing is all about. In this chaotic environment, we are one of the few players that provides right expertise for right project. For larger brands that have their brand messaging defined, we create manifestations of that message by platform for the digital world. For smaller brands that don’t have that messaging clearly defined, we help define that message and then the manifestations. Creation of technology (websites, microsites, mobile-apps) and propagation of message comes naturally to us.
Still confused, ask around and see what others say about us. You can also read our testimonials from both our customers as well as our ex-employees to see what we do.
Products as differentiator
OMLogic has been in the business of helping brands leverage digital media by creating unique engagement avenues for the brands. While most of it is focused around leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc and creating individual custom engagement games & applications, we have seen major missing links between what the brands could do to get best ROI from digital media. Hence, OMLogic Products. Simply put, OMLogic products started out as our inquisitiveness and innovation while working as a services company to provide best digital ROI to brands. We identified gaps that could create better impact, developed and refined them and voila! OMLogic Products is born.
Processized innovation
Last, but not the least, we have processized innovation. Digital is not the ability to come up with a cool concept, digital is about the capability to come up with a cool concept again and again and again…And execute the concept better than the concept itself.

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