360 Degree Amplification

Business, Not Just Marketing

If you are not opting to touch a niche audience or running a very segmented campaign, your digital strategy shall be to touch all the places your customer might see you.
An ideal scenario can be-
A new launch to have videos on YouTube, Articles on different newspapers and blogs, Posts and ads on Facebook and Insta, CEO views on LinkedIn, A TVC talking about this campaign, billboards speaking about it.

How it Works

The Idea is to bring a holistic approach and well though campaigns that surrounds them all.
  • We help you segment and target the campaign to leverage each channel to its max.
  • Engage, friends, family, and partners of the brands.
  • Creation of channels specific creatives, videos, and content.
  • Aligning stakeholders/forging partnerships to bring channel specific visibility.
  • Activating influencers, market partners.
  • Media strategy, planning, and ROI tracking.

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