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A thriving think tank of creative professionals armed with experience and expertise, we have been defining India’s digital growth for over 13 years now. Integrated Strategy, Digital Campaigning, Creative Branding and Technology are the defining tenets of our success arsenal.

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Passion, Excellence, Empathy

Passionate for digital and eager to change before time, we believe innovation is the only way to evolve in the fast-changing business world.

Big Fish and Rockets of Revolution

Shaped the digital journeys of brands like HBO, Vivo, Tata Power, Jagran, WAVE Group, Cartoon Network, Pogo TV, Thapar University and French Institute. We have also led social activations for CSR, NGOs, Governments and causes that impact society.

Don’t be broody, bro!

Happiness is contagious and we get high on humour! You’ll never spot a dull face or a silent bay at OMLogic.That’s how we vibe (and work)!