We value happiness and are thrilled to launch such amazing experiences that don’t let the digital world and social distancing bog you down!

Defy the logic defining your business since decades.
Ride the new-age digital tide with us.


Deep tech meets fine art!

Diving from a 2D to 3D view in a year, PragatE as a platform witnessed the highest traffic amongst all the online events in the year 2020 worldwide. And we made it super smooth, with no lag, no interruption, no glitch!

Imagine. Play. Learn. Grow.

Ensuring the OG style of ‘learning while playing’, we have launched a series of family board games that take them on a merry-gyaan-ride!.

Peace out!

A mental health awareness app with a thriving marketplace of counsellors, therapists and behavioral experts.

India’s leading Publication Platform

A lot of soul search, multiple brainstorming sessions and mood-boards resulting in a finely crafted solution for the publishing world.